“Arrr, This be pleasin’ to me eye.” Facebook releases Pirate language mode. Here are some Pirate English translations…

This sooo cracked me up, Facebook Pirate language mode!

Some translations from English to Pirate English:

  • 50 minutes ago = 50 shots ‘o rum ago
  • Recent friends = Fresh blood
  • Friends = Me Hearties
  • Inbox = Bottle o’ Messages
  • Regarding = Regarrrding
  • Jonathan and Steve are now friends = Jonatha n’ Steve now be mateys, rum all ’round!

A view of my Facebook profile, now in Pirate English:

Facebook Pirate Style

Facebook Pirate Style

How do you set up Pirate English on your profile?
– Go to the bottom left part of your Facebook profile
– Click on English and select English Pirate.  You’re done.
EVERYTHING is then in Pirate Language.

Then see random things like this:

деньги в долг самаре

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#1 shubham kalan on 07.31.12 at 10:59 am

Arrr, This be pleasin’ to me eye.