Facebook or Die! eBook: How to Market Your Business on Facebook

Here’s my entire Facebook marketing worldview for businesses in one document, totally free.

This presentation took a lot of work to create! Since I’m giving it to you free, all I ask is this:

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That’s it.  I hope you enjoy the eBook!

eBook How to Market Your Business on Facebook

I first presented this eBook to a group of online marketing pros in Denver (SEMPO).  Therefore,  I included more than just basic info and it’s geared toward an audience that has some experience with Facebook marketing. (Please click Like below).


p.s. you can reach me at sackheim at gmail dot com if you have online marketing questions. Here’s my LinkedIn profile.

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#1 Chris on 06.07.11 at 8:46 am

Hi was keen to see your book but when downloaded I got 50 blank pages. Any idea of what I am doing wrong. Thanks for making the offer to download how to market on Facebook.

#2 Jonathan on 02.29.12 at 9:32 pm

Please try updating your Adobe reader and let me know if that helps.